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50 Billion ISK Hauler Kill Pirating in EVE Online t

50 Billion ISK Hauler Kill Pirating in EVE Online t


Getting Rich Pirating in EVE Online

50 Billion ISK Hauler Kill - Pirating in EVE Online | EVE Online | Pinterest | EVE Online

Eve Online: Did He Say Their Batphone just Batphoned?

50 Billion ISK Hauler Kill - Pirating in EVE Online | EVE Online | Pinterest | EVE Online

How an EVE Online con artist tricked a ruthless pirate into giving him his priceless ship | PC Gamer

New Kill Rights System for EVE Online

EVE Pro Guides readers just made another big trade for easy profits. Making Billions of

EVE Online PLEX Cargo

CUQjA7i.jpg4531x2509 1.49 MB

In Eve-Online there is a player-made cemetery. Players have been putting down structures mourning lost loved ones for almost a decade.

Log into the EVE Online client to take advantage of these two Black Friday deals!

Eve online / Opening 50 Strong box NPC mining


The mission-runners don't think much of the tiny Enyo, so they often take the opportunity to to shoot Zosius.

Procurer vs Raven

The kill itself isn't really important--though it is always nice to make isk off PVP--but it got me thinking about how much content is out in space, ...

8 Strong Box Openings - EVE Online

EVE Online Chimera Schematic by Titch-IX.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Burn Jita 5 begins, Promising More Damage Than Ever - INN. “

#EveOnline Would love for someone to develop this experience on a pay-once…

EVE Online Players Destroy $13,000 Worth Of Ships In A Surprise Attack

hcBWa7I.jpg425x722 40.1 KB

EVE Online is a game of risk versus reward, a game where players can take chances with their resources. Over the past weekend, the in-game organization know ...

The New Wolf PRO Guide is EVE Online's First and Best new Guide to flying the Wolf in Solo PVP. In just hours you can be getting insane kills with the wolf ...

50 Billion ISK Hauler Kill - Pirating in EVE Online | EVE Online | Pinterest | EVE Online

EVE Online: NPC Mining Fleet Operations Loot | LIVE

Hauling: how not to die

RATTING in NULL - New to Eve Online

... will destroy the offender. CONCORD's retribution is swift and absolute. Evading their punishment is actually a bannable offence in the game.

Eve Online - Salvaging Elite Wrecks in Low Sec for Easy Isk

Networks of Citadels are increasingly common, especially as a way of safely moving capitals and jump freighters across the map. CCP has in the past voiced ...

1177079-Wayne-Gerard-Trotman-Quote-I-see-you-have-returned-my-love-and.jpg1600x900 ...

🔴LIVE 200m - 600m+ ISK Per Hour Farming Loyalty Points - EVE Online Live Presented

EVE Online: Crucible Trailer - another EvE video, except this one is a trailer

May's breakdown was: 20b from PLEX, 22b from normal regional trade. Of that regional trade, around 8b was from the Jufvitte market hub project, ...

I really think the whole single-server approach EVE has is key here; it creates more of an (authentic) feeling that what you do ...

The Nereus - a good entry into the line of specialized Gallente-based hauling craft


Two freight haulers called "Charons," a kind of ship introduced in the "

The cargo this Viator was carrying leads us to believe that it was likely one mans drone lands goo for a year or one corporations for a month.

However, it is a great place for wormhole groups to find PVE groups to kill. Here is my only notable example:

That post is almost done, but I wanted to chime on the current, can-only-be-described-as shit-storm on R/EVE (and the forums, not that people really visit ...

Forward Operating Bases

EVE Online ost.jpg


As part of the celebration of the launch of EVE Online: Lifeblood, we're also happy to release a full set of wallpapers, to make your desktop shiny, ...

... before heading to the next site once the haulers are filled and warp away. These sites will contain a new asteroid type, never seen before in New Eden.

Click to embiggen!

EVE Online: Hunt for the MTUs | Viewers

A Tribute To CCP Blaze – An Incredible Community Effort

New Article about how the new Crimewatch system will effect PVP in EVE Online.

The map can be configured to show recent kills, so you can avoid systems with serious pirate activity:

$116,000+ worth of ships lost so far today in EVE Online, battle continues to rage on as of posting this.

Eve Online

A 1pm cut off on Sunday seems a bit chintzy.

The Agency

Next, he went on to talk about the Angel Cartel in even less definite terms. At present, these ships only exist as concept art pieces.

High Sec Islands - Is There ISK to be Made? - EVE Online Live

If I want to speed things up and use a third account, I put a secondary gank character in a DPS Catalyst. 600 DPS for around 10m isk is hard to beat, ...

Other Places: New Eden (EVE Online) | Inspirations | Pinterest | EVE Online

EVE Online: The 14 Skills Needed By All Pilots


An artist's rendering of Rifter-class frigates after a successful attack against an Armageddon-

How Being Risk-Averse Breaks EVE Online

New launchers - awesome even with terrible graphics settings

Insta-Kill Thrasher Fit and Fun [2nd Edition]

Here's the loot from the trip (the four blueprints (worth about 800m isk?) are not included in the 568 million isk value at the bottom of the photo):

A destroyer-class ship leaving a station

Journey Through Eve | 19 Months into Eve Online | I Built My Dreams


Other Places: New Eden (EVE Online) | Inspirations | Pinterest | EVE Online

Guristas and Blood Raiders Forward Operating Bases (FOB) can now be found in New Eden

Other Places: New Eden (EVE Online) | Inspirations | Pinterest | EVE Online

Gallente rookie ship zipping about.

... ranked around 602 overall on BattleClinic with a 14:1 kill:death ratio, 310 billion ISK killed to only 8 billion lost and a total of 2,736 kills. Damn.

50 Billion ISK Hauler Kill - Pirating in EVE Online | EVE Online | Pinterest | EVE Online

This article is a continuation in my Journey Through Eve series. I made posts every 3 months or so that were Imgur galleries and linked to on Reddit.

[Eve Online] What to do if Your Rorqual Gets Tackled

I.S.K.: Inflation and the New Player Experience and the Player Solution Part 1

... some ◊ wildly ...

Ranked 760 overall throughout EvE with a kill:death ratio of 28:1, having killed 172 billion ISK in ...

For decades, each of the four core empires have been sendingMining Expeditions into these asteroid fields to harvest the vast quantities of ore required to ...

... cliff ...

At EVE Vegas 2017, new information was revealed during the EVE Online Keynote regarding significant changes coming for Alpha pilots with the December ...

Total kill value, 4.81 billion isk.

Patch notes for September 2017 release 1.7. Released on Wednesday, October 5 th, 2017