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A glimpse of Indian village life Morning fog amp village pond mist sky

A glimpse of Indian village life Morning fog amp village pond mist sky


In the fog

A foggy cemetery morning.

*Mist (by James Smit)

Life is full of surprises,as always,walking away from the place where you were born and brought up,the city of fond memories,the job which is more than work ...

Life In The Slums of Rural India. Morning In India. Vandanamulu ...

Foggy morning

foggy morning

foggy morning

These words were first penned by a man who struggled with depression and insanity all of his life. “God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to performs” ...

Nongrah Umroi 2018 (with Photos): Top 20 Places to Stay in Nongrah Umroi - Vacation Rentals, Vacation Homes - Airbnb Nongrah Umroi, Meghalaya, India

Chasing the fog. “

Chandubi Lake early morning Sunrise view ~ Guwahati ~ Assam ~ India

A beau ideal would be imitating the footfall of lynxes and cougars, whose paws mold themselves like beanbags to the ground as they touch it.

Foggy morning in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Beginnings of a red dawn sky in an otherwise completely mist covered landscape. On the Wentloog Levels between Cardiff and Newport.

My Country Living

Winkworth Arboretum Lake by Martin Finnis

Tuxedo is an incredibly beautiful place and home to a varied, vibrant community! We're looking for your best photos, taken around Town.

200 feet Pond at Kundadri Hilltop

Heavy pollution fog mercilessly descends on New Delhi, India, December 2013. Photograph: Louis Dowse/Demotix/Corbis

Barn in the morning mist

#trees on a foggy morning

Foggy Morning at Redd's Pond - Marblehead, MA

Dream like / Fog / Nature / Abstract / Forest / by sukoshishop, $30.00

Early morning fog on a Kentucky horse farm, USA, photo credit Joe Ford

Particularly photogenic pylon on the river Yamuna, just as Shah Jahan saw it

With-in a couple minutes, the cemetery was completely fogged in, the sky had turned white, all the colors had left, and my sunrise was hidden.

Sulfur smoke is highly toxic so breathing masks are a must. The opaque blue waters are a perfect complement to the acid yellow colored rocks.

A glacier flood threatened the village of Chukung [Credit: D. Rounce]

... Brooks are the co-founders ...

Shimla town under Fog


India is like a diamond in the rough. The ugly dark and hard coating of Satan's ways and world cover this land and people in a hard shell of ignorance that ...

Morning Song


GC at Benedict Pond

Kerala has 265 miles of coastline and the town of Varkala has one of the best

At the origin of Chellarkovil waterfall. Through the mist you can see green fields of Tamilnadu down below IMG_8035

But again, camo garments are mere aids, and do not provide us with a deep answer to the question, how does one fit into the wild world?


The pink sunrise in the morning, the golden arati in the evening, staring at the evening sky lying on a boat, as twilight turns into the river-town into an ...

Lake McDonald, Glacier NP

Pic: A view of the village

The largest wetland bird sanctuary of Gujarat is also home to mammals like the endangered wild ass and black bucks. The sun set here is one the best you ...

This was the view from Zeacliff the morning I was heading over to Zeacliff Pond. The two photos below show what the view is like ion a clear afternoon but I ...

The village also has a large community pond and a number of wells which cater to the daily water requirements of the population.

Cloudcover and mist almost at the top


We got back to the hotel after the tour and were tired to do any other activities that evening. I had also planned a long day of driving on Monday as we ...

A desert sunset of a lifetime. As the evening turned into night, we slept with millions of stars for roof and sand for mattress.

... 2016: What A ...

The gems like Jama Masjid, Asharfi Mahal, Roopmati pavilion and the beautiful Jahaz Mahal all welcome you to peep into the glorious past of this fortified ...

We continued the way, still very cold, as the ice-flakes testified in our jackets..., but the fog was beginning to dissipate, which allowed us to enjoy the ...

This is an island across from Arnside looking suitably creepy in the morning mist ...

My most beautiful memories of Munnar are those of the tea gardens spread over hills and valleys. The last image of this post shows the morning mists in the ...

Level-3 Thinking (Or, how not to be ageist)

The temple, with sculptures and inscriptions depicting various stages of Krishna's life, especially the dashavatarams, the ten incarnations of Krishna, ...

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Evening In India


At Gangaraju Madugula, a village on the road to Lammasingi, a group of plainclothes policemen stopped me and enquired regarding my presence in the area.

Quidi Vidi village near St. John's.

(Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance)

Some photographers shirk from the opportunity to photograph foggy or misty landscapes because it softens the image so much.

At a time when my corporate career spanning three long decades was going nowhere and I'd lost interest in city life, I felt the urge and a necessity to ...

Photo: Daan Verhoeven

Road trip to Chambal valley near Gwalior and Dholpur. Golden Hour photograph of Chambal river

Koh Panyi Floating Village

It was still there but soon disapeared after10 or 20 feet where it was covered over with another pile of dirt and rocks. No trespassing signs littered the ...

30_31_vizcaya_amusement_park_31. 30_31_vizcaya_amusement_park_32. 30_31_vizcaya_amusement_park_33. 30_31_vizcaya_amusement_park_34

Morning Mist across uncultivated paddy fields in Barkur.The village pure air and environment.

Panoramic view of the village of Abyaneh from the Old castle, Barzrud Rural District,

The morning fog is rising

Thiksey Monastery Collab Lamayuru Monastery

One evening we had a full moon on one side of the boat and incoming fog on the other side.

Inside the crater of Ijen. Where are we?! Have we been tele-transported to a different planet?!

Thiksey Monastery Collab Lamayuru Monastery

Dhangadhi is a small town in Nepal. The drive to Dhangadhi was spectacular. We stopped near a natural pond.

Koh Panyi Floating Village

As the rain cleared, we got a glimpse of the lodge's commanding view of the surrounding landscape. Then it was time to head back.

David Southern ...