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An exhibit on Homo naledi On view through t

An exhibit on Homo naledi On view through t


Homo naledi bones. Credit: Lee Berger and coauthors 2015 (eLife 2015;4:e09560). Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA

A New Star in the Ancient Human Family: An exhibit on Homo naledi. On view through 2017. Great Valley Museum, Modesto, California www.mjc.edu/gvm In October ...

Homo naledi skull side and front views

New Evidence of Mysterious Homo naledi Raises Questions about

Professor Adam Habib holds a reconstruction of Homo naledi, an early humanoid, in South

Mysterious New Human Species Emerges from Heap of Fossils. Composite skeleton of Homo naledi from the ...

DH1 and DH3 of Homo naledi compared to KNM-ER 3733 of Homo erectus

Comparison of skull features of Homo naledi and other early human species.

homo naledi, ancestor,

... Hand Painted Fossil Skull of Homo naledi, side view ...

Homo naledi remains may have been swept to Rising Star cave by sea | Daily Mail Online

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Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site hosts new exhibition of Homo naledi

Homo Naledi

Face view of Homo naledi skull with virtual reconstruction in blue.

The fossils of a new species of human relative, Homo naledi were discovered in a

Welcome Homo Naledi!

A replica of the skull of Homo Naledi, a newly discovered human-like species, is displayed Tuesday at an exhibit in Maropeng, near Johannesburg, ...

... Hand Painted Fossil Skull of Homo naledi, front view ...

The surprising new species Homo naledi raises more questions than answers—for now

Homo naledi skeletal specimens.jpg

This photo provided by National Geographic from their October 2015 issue shows a composite skeleton of

Homo Naledi Skull (by John Hawks e.a. (2017))

Homo naledi. As we noted here the other day, according to the line formerly promoted by scientists including paleoanthropologist Lee Berger, ...

[email protected] - How New Discoveries of Homo naledi are Changing Human Origins

The “Neo” skeleton. Homo naledi stood about 150cm tall fully grown and weighed

Homo naledi

... Hand Painted Fossil Skull of Homo naledi, front view ...

Discovery of Homo naledi adds a new branch to the human family tree


PICS: Homo naledi species. View the ...

Jeremy DeSilva on the Discovery of 'Homo naledi'

Homo Naledi

Download figure ...

Homo naledi is the middle skull, with a modern human on the right

Denise Godbout-Avant, curator of the Homo naledi exhibit

Download figure ...

Rising Star 2017 - How We Learned About Homo naledi

FILE: Homo naledi: Long legs suggest H. naledi was built for walking,

Science Breakthroughs: Homo Naledi

Homo naledi: Back in the day, these guys walked around Africa with humans

Some of the more than 700 remains from the Dinaledi Chamber in the exhibit. Photo: John Hawks CC-BY

Homo Naledi

On view through December 16, 2017. Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture, Museum Saginaw, Michigan www.marshallfredericks.org In 2006, artist Karen LaMonte ...

A schematic of the cave in which the bones were found. Credit: National Geographic

Homo Naledi, New Species in Human Lineage, Is Found in South African Cave

This is a ...

Dr. Peter Schmid (R) from the University of Zurich prepares "Neo"

CHIPPED OFF Tooth damage sustained by Homo naledi, an ...

''Neo'' skull from Lesedi Chamber (left) with DH1 Homo naledi. ''

A reconstruction of Homo naledi's skull (click for credit)

Scientists have discovered a new species of human

Emerging ancestors: 'The Hobbit' Homo floresiensis, left, and Homo naledi.

(Reuters/Siphiwe Sibeko)A Police officer looks at the picture during an exhibit of the largest collection of fossils of close human relatives ever to go on ...


Fossils of previously unknown early human relative go on display in South Africa | Travel | The Guardian

Hominin family tree graphic showing early hominins, australopithecines and humans

Detailed analyses of Homo naledi shows a mosaic of both early and modern human features

An infographic explaining all the features of a newly discovered hominin species Homo naledi. The new species was found in the Rising Star cave in the ...

Homo Naledi

Image taken at the Natural History Museum of London

Dinaledi Chamber and Lee Berger's Discoveries in VR at the Perot Museum

Meet 'Neo', the most complete skeleton of Homo naledi ever found

homo naledi. “

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I work in a wonderful Science Community Center, which has a the marvelous Great Valley Museum ...


Comparison of Homo naledi skulls to skulls of other hominin species. Image credit: Hawks

Review of "Contested Bones" (Part 10 - Chapter 10 "Homo naledi") 4-7-2018 by Paul Giem

Fossils found in South African cave may change concept of evolution

Homo naledi, features on CNN

Wolfsonian exhibit explores the artistry and social implications of the Newcomb Pottery Enterprise

Homo Naledi

Curvature map of a Homo naledi cranial endocast. (Credit PNAS)

Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters

Video thumbnail for New Homo naledi fossils on display

The Southern Ape

The famous 'Lucy' skeleton, of Australopithecus afarensis is shown left. The 'Neo' skeleton of Homo naledi is shown right. Lucy is said to have lived 3.2 ...


Professor Lee Berger poses with a Homo naledi skull.

Q&A: What We Know (And Don't) About Homo Naledi - The

CT scans of Homo sapiens fossils

It also has a large space for rotating exhibits, and I'm happy to report on the latest: A New Star in the Ancient Human Family: Homo naledi and Modesto ...

Homo naledi, a new species of the genus Homo from the Dinaledi Chamber, South Africa | eLife Lens

Bones of Contention IV: A YEC Homo naledi Fossil Status Scorecard – Naturalis Historia

The Wonderful Discovery of Homo Naledi, a New Twist in Anthropology

"Underground astronauts" Marina Elliott and Becca Peixotto work inside the cave where fossils. Photos: Meet Homo naledi. "

Analyzing the more than 1500 fossils, representing more than 15 individuals, was a group

Skull similar in shape to a modern human's apart from pronounced brow and smaller brain cavity

Is Homo naledi a New Species of Human Ancestor?