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Black Friday GMT Andean Abyss Insurgency Board Games

Black Friday GMT Andean Abyss Insurgency Board Games


Black Friday GMT: Andean Abyss, Insurgency

Andean Abyss | Image | BoardGameGeek

Andean Abyss | Image | BoardGameGeek · Board GamesImageRole ...

GMT Games: Fire in the Lake, COIN series Vietnam War, Board setup

The game includes a 22″ x 34″ mounted game board, 170 wooden markers, a set of cardboard markers, a deck of 76 cards, player aids, and dice.

Well ...


... 2014. * * *

Another FITL game in progress this week

Black Friday GMT: Andean Abyss, Insurgency. See more. Gallic War - GMT. Board GamesCoinsCampaignRole Playing Board Games

Cartels - +1. AUC - +0. Gov't - -2. FARC - -9

Cuba Libre

9 Board Games To Get Really Excited About This Year

Indeed, despite a similar core game system, A Distant Plain should not be seen as Andean Abyss in the Hindu Kush—it plays and feels rather different.

A Distant Plain


Cuba Libre at Metropolitan Wargamers

This is a game from the Coin System from GTM. Nice

This is the starting setup. The four big boxes around the edges are the component storage areas for the four factions. Blue = government, green = syndicate, ...

One of the main parts of the game is to keep your Prestige high, so you can influence other countries in Europe to your brand of happiness.

There were a ton of games played...wargames, eurogames, hybrid games, playtest games, you name it, we got it.

A Distant Plain features the same accessible game system as GMT's recent Andean Abyss and upcoming

CCNapRussiansCutner GMT's Cuba Libre game board

416 Earlier this year PAXsims reviewed Andean Abyss ...

I was hoping for a game that was open enough to explore, but tense enough to really put me through the ringer.



My DR (yellow) guerrillas rushed into Santiago de Cuba, which Allen had not been defending strongly. I have attacked, thus exposing all my fighters.

Interview with Kenneth Tee Designer of People Power: Insurgency in the Philippines, 1983-1986 Volume XI in the COIN Series from GMT Games


This was the late game. Notice that the US relationship at the top left had dropped to rock bottom.


Armchair General

The third Propaganda Card hits, and the Whites are struggling to get control of the towns, and the Reds have terrorized the countryside, trying to keep ...

May Monthly Update from GMT Games – A Mark Herman Double Feature!


Each city and province has two square boxes next to it. The first box to denote control (i.e. one of the factions has more pieces than all other factions ...

It's a very different WW2 type of game. It looks more like a Euro, but it feels like Phil Eklund punching you in the face.

GMT Update: June 20: New P500 Game, Digital Update, Production Update, More!

We used the twisty-turns part of the track which provided to be quite a challenge and added a lot of tactical play not usually found in a typical TA game.

The expansion adds some depth and tactics to add to your racing, but without adding much time to the game.

It's a nice board. No bones about it. The visual organization is fairly well done, considering all that is going on in this game, with particularly astute ...

Allen's government (blue) and syndicate (green) factions have secured the north western part of Cuba. He has built a base (round disc) in the province next ...

The game is a masterful design, and I've really had a great time with it tonight. I'll look at the solo map and rules next, but I'd happily play this fully ...

52 BCE – Spring Everybody starts off in a reasonably strong position, except The Belgae, who have just been beaten back by The Romans.


Shipping Now

The box at the top left is the US Alliance box, indicating how friendly US is towards the Cuban government. US begins the game friendly, but as the game ...

Notice that no green tiles touch, but grey and blues can be adjacent. Ore and coins can fill gaps. In this play, I decided to put tiles on other boards, ...

GMT Update: June 20: New P500 Game, Digital Update, Production Update, More!

The faction with the highest score was the syndicate belonging to Allen. The government did moderately well. Both my insurgent factions fared rather poorly.

... war could be said to be the birthplace of COIN warfare, and thus the birthplace of the very mechanisms that populate the COIN series of games.

Versailles Solo Tweet

Spirit Island with Chris, Richard, and Mike B.

GMT's Liberty Or Death hits the table for the first time

The 18xx Mafia are still the kings of Friday Night Gaming. No one closes out the night like these guys.

For Columbia Games's Julius Caesar + the ATO games + 2 CoH expansions.


GMT Update: June 20: New P500 Game, Digital Update, Production Update, More!


A package containing my most highly-anticipated game of early 2016 arrived a couple weeks ago, and I finally unpacked and played all the glory that is ...

Las Villas is getting very crowded, and these guys are not here to peacefully watch the World Cup together. I have two M26 bases here (red discs), ...

The octagonal pillar pieces are the guerrillas. Notice that the yellow guerrilla in the middle has a star on it. This means it is now exposed and is thus ...

Also, as the game is still in development, details may still change prior to publication.

First game of Pendragon I had, playing as the Civitates

Wilderness War game board

Limited 2nd Printing

In Phase Two, the Whites and Reds hit each other with Terror and move their guys with cannons and armored trains into position. The German Troops are like a ...

“Power ...

May Monthly Update

A late night game of “Defenders of the Last Stand” just starting.

GMT Update: June 20: New P500 Game, Digital Update, Production Update, More!

Peloponnesian War Banner 1

GMT Update: June 20: New P500 Game, Digital Update, Production Update, More!

... card, and they usually have opposite effects. The second event is written in a darker green box. If a player decides to execute an event, ...

When a second edition of a game comes three years after the first, any explanation as to why turns into an extended mea culpa. I have to sell you, ...


GMT Update: June 20: New P500 Game, Digital Update, Production Update, More!

Below is an mini-campaign scenario for Battles of the Warrior Queen that comes from one of our customers, Vladimir Vladov. While the GMT-version scenario ...

When I received the game ...

1960: The Making of the President

A game of “Twilight Imperium” 4th edition was also given a tryout.


Now it can be told: Volko Ruhnke, designer of Andean Abyss, Labyrinth – The War on Terror, and Wilderness War, has teamed up with Brian Train, ...


... and linen into clothing, then knarr-traded that along with skin and bones and oil. I covered my main board to 7, then 9, then 18 in successive rounds.

Here's a look at Rodger's box covers for our upcoming games Arquebus and Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid.

Exploration boards 44 . Sheds and houses 13 . Occupation 03 . Silver 21 . Income ----------------- 144 Subtotal -02 Sheds and houses ---------------------

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO IMG_20160704_213434.jpg, ...


Gallipoli, 1915: Churchills Greatest Gamble

This is Scott Muldoon of “Cataclysm: A Second World War” fame in the lower left-hand corner. “Cataclysm” will be published by GMT in 2018.

/tg/ - Traditional Games

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