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Equus Magazinehas this research news when it comes to equine

Equus Magazinehas this research news when it comes to equine


Come to EQUUS magazine for information you can use on equine research, horse care and training techniques—everything you need to know to enjoy your horse ...


EQUUS Magazine – The Horse Owner's Resource. June 2013, issue 429 | Photo by


-50% Equus

The June 2012 cover of EQUUS Magazine | Photo by Darlene Wohlart

Announcing the EQUUS Magazine 'Dogs on the Go' Photo Contest

EQUUS Magazine – The Horse Owner's Resource. February 2013, issue 425 | Photo by

Researchers have designed portable, non-invasive EEGs for horses. These headsets are diagnostic

Check out facts and details about the AQHA cloning battle with American Cowboy Magazine

Equus Magazine

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Middle-aged obese horses and certain breeds can be prone to equine metabolic syndrome.

EQUUS Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

EQUUS Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

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What if you could ask your horse whether he would like his blanket or not?

Sorting through senior feeds

Credit: © AMY K. DRAGOO Using acoustoelastography to monitor SDFT injury healing is one

Free Range in Paradise: The “Wild” Horses of the Caribbean Attract Tourists and Research

Horsing Around in Childhood Really Can Change Your Life | EQUUS Magazine

©EQUUS Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

Created to recognize individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their equine careers, the Professional Horseman Award contest is sponsored by Freedom ...

Researchers have determined that how a horse responds to winter weather may have more to do with his individual makeup than with his body type or breed, ...

Equus Magazine has these insights if your horse is experiencing odd hair growth.

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Is your horse at risk for a rare type of colic? Equus Magazine shares the research.

Check out this new research into laminitis and insulin resistance, courtesy of Equus Magazine.

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Photo © EQUUS Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

EQUUS Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

A safe, clean trough filled with fresh water is the best defense against equine dehydration

A recent study has shown that a high-energy diet could increase the likelihood of

Racehorse welfare, safety, re-training and research on The Jurga Report: Image

EQUUS Magazine – The Horse Owner's Resource. January 2013, issue 424

Announcing The EQUUS Magazine 2015 Grooming “Great Reveal” Photo Contest

EQUUS Magazine – The Horse Owner's Resource. October 2012 issue, EQUUS 421.


The Way We Were: New York's Extravaganza 1914 Horse Show to Aid War Victims |

Horse · Equine-behavior researchers have ...

Vigorous daily grooming is a great help. Photo EQUUS magazine


Study results could affect PMU mares |


Equine Skin Diseases

Whole-body vibration therapy has become a popular treatment for various health problems in horses


A recent study of horses that suffered colic after a snowstorm indicates the bad weather likely

Tend to Water Troughs to Keep Your Horse Drinking

The Jurga Report | EQUUS Magazine | Fran Jurga Reports: Horse Health and Culture News | Pinterest | Horse

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Shaktiman, an Indian police horse injured during a political protest, lies in a makeshift

Horses are biologically designed to continuously consume small amounts of food, such as pasture grass

Bayer HealthCare and EQUUS Magazine Host Webinar on EPM

Eye removal often has positive impact | Equine: Veterinary & Pathology | Pinterest | Horse

Winner in EQUUS Magazine's 'Best Friends' Photo Contest Announced

The Jurga Report | EQUUS Magazine What's on horse owners' minds? I went to

Horse Canada magazine

The Equus magazine, July 2004, Issue #321, that began my concerns about soring.

... with others or fitting horses with plastic shoes if they are not in regular work, reports EQUUS magazine. These recommendations come from researchers ...

A Variety of Treats to Try

Alfalfa hay linked to photosensitivity | Research shows that alfalfa hay can induce primary photosensitive reactions

A Case of Patent Urachus

Horses can develop something akin to depression in response to social or physical discomfort, a new report from France has determined.

DSC_0375 Therapeutic riding

The Jurga Report | EQUUS Magazine: For the second time in less than a month

Research: Perceptions, awareness and understanding of show horse welfare at stock-horse events

EQUUS magazine will present "Current and Emerging Musculoskeletal Therapies," a free webinar with David Frisbie, DVM, DACVS, PhD, on Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. EST.

July 2012 cover of EQUUS, issue 418 | Photo by Arnd Bronkhorst · Horse TrainingThe HorseEquestrianMagazine ...

It's all in the eyes...whenever Mark gets his 'worried look'

Q&A: How to help a horse with heaves

A recent study from Denmark suggests that foals take cues from their mothers when reacting to potentially frightening stimuli, according to Equus magazine.

... check out this article from the EQUUS magazine archives to make sure your horse is as ready to go as you are. https://bit.ly/2D1ElyO

The Jurga Report | EQUUS Magazine: Can geography influence colic risk in horses? Interesting

Do you know the differences between probiotics and prebiotics? Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Although Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) is a well-known neurological affliction in horses, there's much that we still don't know about the disease ...

New research indicates that mares are completely relaxed when foaling.

While many people associate yawning in animals to being tired or bored, there may actually be more to the action than first perceived: Your horse may be ...

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I just got my December issue of Equus Magazine. I have been getting it for years because I enjoy the fresh information. I think even on the web, ...

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Credit: dustyperin.com Identifying a digestive disorder at an early point is crucial to

Credit: Amy K. Dragoo Just because a horse is over a certain age does

The most common oral stereotypy is cribbing, which affects an estimated five percent of horses


(Budweiser Clydesdale foal at Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri) Buy More Budweiser or They

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Genomewide Study Identifies Arabian Horses' Risk for EMS

Icing is most beneficial when an injury is less than 36 hours old. ?EQUUS

Allison Springer and Cascani wear an improved recording system that allows for more accurate data collection

When flexible feeding schedules make sense

Seeking Relief: Current Directions in Equine Pain Management

Therapy for headshaking tested by research at the University of Bristol in Great Britain used a

Equus , Hippidion

Horse Health on Your Smartphone


... Equus; Equus; Equus ...

Basic Training by David O'Connor | Episode Thirteen: Riding through water

Water treadmill at Circle Oak Equine, a University of California rehabilitation partner.