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Here39s a pretty interesting overdrive from Lovepedal Hermida The

Here39s a pretty interesting overdrive from Lovepedal Hermida The


Lovepedal/Hermida Audio Zendrive


LovePedal Hermida Audio Zendrive Overdrive Pedal

Hermida Audio Red Zendrive

LovePedal Hermida Dover Drive Pedal

Hermida Zendrive - Overdrive

Lovepedal Hermida Zendrive

Hermida Audio Dover Drive Demo

Hermida Audio Red Zendrive Overdrive

Hermida Audio Pedals

Isn't that the way it used to be around here? $325 Pay Pal shipped CONUS. Or trade it for something different around the same value or cash going either way ...

Lovepedal Hermida Black Magic Zendrive II


aion_azimuth_zendrive_pcb_populated The ...

Zendrive Comparison Lovepedal vs Hermida

Image 1

Hermida Audio Dover Drive Overdrive

Hermida Audio Zendrive 2

Lovepedal Hermida Audio Dover Drive review

Original Hermida Audio Zendrive Overdrive Pedal (not Lovepedal) ...

Lovepedal Black Magik Zendrive

Hermida Zendrive (Dumble in a box) sound demo

Hermida Audio USA Tiki Drive DEMO with Sean Gibson of The Noise Reel

Ibanez DL10 Digital Delay

As the name implies, the Dover Drive is perhaps more oriented around Eric Johnson's way of using the Tube Driver. He's always set the Hi and Lo (treble and ...

[ IMG]

The Alpha Drive housing is sparkly/matt raw metal, whereas the Ultimate Drive's is unfinished slightly-polished metal. The Alpha's base plate is painted ...

Lovepedal Special Edition "Red Dot" Zendrive

Lovepedal HSR-3 MULTI VERB Reverb

Dumble style OD pedal shootout

Lovepedal OD Eleven / OD11 Overdrive Pedal

Zendrive (Red) vs Zendrive II (Gold) - A Lovepedal Comparison with Sean Gibson of The Noise Reel

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Lovepedal Eternity Overdrive

'ZenDrive' Pedal Demo & Review - Hermida Audio Overdrive Distortion Guitar Stomp Box - YouTube

Hermida Audio/Lovepedal Zendrive & Zendrive Red Dot | RROOOM DEMO

Hermida Audio UNIMOS Overdrive Pedal Demo Video by Shawn Tubbs

Lovepedal Eternity Burst Handwired Overdrive Pedal

18 of the Best Overdrive Pedals ...

Hermida Audio Dover Drive

Hermida Audio EPH-3 Tape Echo Simulator

Lovepedal Kalamazoo Silver

Hermida Audio Zendrive

24 of the Best Overdrive Pedals - 2018 Compact Edition - Stefan's Naturally Aspirated Blog

Hermida Audio Zendrive Review

Hermida Audio/Lovepedal Black Magic Zendrive Effects Pedal


Alfonso's new spring reverb

Hermida Audio Zendrive (w/ Les Paul)

Amplified Nation BIG BLOOM overdrive pedal demo with Suhr Strat

Mad Professor Simble

Hermida Audio Rotary Reverb Demo (Chris Buck)

Zendrive - Worth the Hype? (Friday Fretworks)

Hermida Audio / Lovepedal Multi Tap 2 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Demo

Hermida Audio Zen Drive and Mad Proffessor Sweet Honey Overdrive demo

Hermida Audio Zendrive 2 Tube overdrive Original MINT

Hermida Audio Zendrive Pedal

joyo jf-01 vintage overdrive “

Hermida Audio Zendrive Demo

Dope FX Everything Zen Overdrive Pedal Demo


And here's another interesting mod - using a feedback arrangement ala the BJF Honeybee and my own Hummingbird to reduce the overall gain and brightness of ...

Zendrive Gold demo with Zemaitis & Dr Z Antidote

Lovepedal Tchula Boost

Hermida Audio Rotary Reverb

Hermida ZenDrive

Hermida Audio ZENDRIVE pedal demo with RS Guitarworks Tele

Hermida Audio Dover Drive

Mooer Rumble Drive guitar pedal demo | A nice medium gain overdrive pedal from Mooer Audio

Hermida Audio Reverb 3

The very first Rougarou Bass Tube Overdrive

Lovepedal OD Eleven

Hermida Mosferatu Classic

Strings Shop Review : Hermida audio mosferatu Driv

Hermida Audio Zendrive Sig

Lovepedal Zendrive V2

The Green Ringer is a great little octave circuit. Try it after an overdrive like a tube screamer or RAT for some great octave up tones :-)

Lovepedal HI VOLT RUBY

Maxon OD-880 Overdrive Soft Distortion / Quark Overdrive PCB

Lovepedal Super Six Stevie Mod

Lovepedal 200LBS of GOLD

(bottom row) DigiTech Trio, MojohandFX Dewdrop reverb, Lovepedal Hermida Audio Reverb 3, Spark boost, Lovepedal Vibronaut, Lovepedal Zendrive, Xotic SP, ...

Stompbox Fever: Hermida Dover Drive and Pigtronix Rototron

Lovepedal Believe

Zendrive 1 Vs. Zendrive 2 Vs. Mosferatu (Part 1 of 3)

Lovepedal Custom Effects