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Hush Money IRS Advocate Suggests Apology Payments to

Hush Money IRS Advocate Suggests Apology Payments to


IRS Obamacare Power of the Day Master List:

Americans for Tax Reform : IRS Obamacare Power of the Day: Personal Info Disclosure

The IRS has to tell the Medicare program how much income current seniors make. The

Obamacare creates a tax credit for small employers to comply with Obamacare. There's only one

Almost every American will be required to purchase “qualifying” health insurance. Failure to do so will result in a hefty surtax payable to the IRS: ...

The IRS will be giving every insurance company in America money to help people pay for

Manufacturers of medical devices like pacemakers, crutches, and prosthetics face a new gross receipts tax under Obamacare. That means they have to pay the ...

The IRS' error message on April 17, 2018, when the e-file system went down hours before the 2018 tax deadline. Screenshot via IRS.gov

Obamacare puts a price control on how much money health care companies can make. This

Obamacare says that the IRS and HHS must share personal health ID information about every American

Under Obamacare, American manufacturers of prescription medicines will have to pay a new tax to

If you claim a tax deduction or credit and the IRS thinks you did so merely

In addition to info re the $130K hush money paid to Stormy Daniels, the FBI raid on Cohen also targeted info re AMI & hush money paid to ex-Playboy Playmate ...

IRS Obamacare Power of the Day: High Medical Bills Tax

Advocate vol. 24 no. 2 • July 2017 • www.nteu.org.au • ISSN 1329-7295

Behavioral health conditions of aging. By the way, she is retiring. Senior Center Mapping.

Campaign hush money for pornstars. Good for Trump, maybe bad for Obama.

Andrew Dyson and a new USD note. frednk says:

Andrew Dyson and a new USD note. frednk says:

US stamp featuring photo of monument nets sculptor $650,000: Digital Photography Review


All these years of y'all claiming obama was going to take your guns.

VA Public Affairs

(For some context, incidentally, there are 50,970 teachers employed in Scotland in 2,542 schools. If we assume the figure of 700 vacancies is correct, ...



401K 2013

(Not a Joke)

The IRS e-file site went down hours before taxes were due in 2018. This chart, from 2015, shows that the IRS' online system is usually taxed in the week ...

Sea4Us at the Blue Business Forum | Blue Week Lisboa 2015

The high costs of low bail

Longmont Stats Flyer - May 2018 - Tab2

... claiming that Weinstein lawyer and Lisa Bloom's co-counsel, Charles Harder, tried to pay her $6 million hush money to actually support McGowan's abuser.

1353.04 tp


Let women take over

Technically, there is a 13th step, one early in the program; the assigning of a help mate, intending that you each help one another to stay on the narrow ...

On a t-shirt through the window in an East Village, New York City shop. November 2017.

If You Opted NOT To Get Insurance Under ACA, Fines Are Coming Now. This is the letter you'll get from the IRS.

Matt Golding has four cartoons for us today.

We have been wondering how media organizations plan to recover some of their credibility after the election is over. This front page suggests strongly that ...

The office's director approved a $40,000 payment of taxpayer money for New Orleans Saints player Anthony Hargrove to visit during the July 4 weekend for ...

In the heady days after winning the 1999 primary, O'Malley sat down with a reporter to discuss his victory. One of the many interesting facets of the story ...

McCain's office urged IRS to use audits as weapons to destroy political advocacy groups - UPDATED - Washington Times

Abolish the IRS - ASAP!

Img 2329

The Cosby Status Quo: A Facade Of Wholesomeness Masks Feudal Exploitation | Zero Hedge

George Soros & Republican Massacre

Roger Stone: Pretty Reckless Is Going Straight To Hell Part Eight | italkyoubored


Notably, Daniels says that on February 27,2018, Cohen initiated a “bogus” arbitration proceeding against her in Los Angeles. She accused Cohen of still ...


The Taxation Plot Continued - Let's Tax All Purchases - Then the Ones Buying Stuff Pay Tax



Sheldon Silver: Ban hush money for sex-harass complaints (NYP) ALBANY — Better late than never! In a last-ditch effort to hold on to power, ...

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Here, Kevin Folta solicited for and received a $25,000 grant from Monsanto to help them with their “3rd party approach to developing advocacy”.

The Peter Righton case: Recommendations that were ignored by Department of Health [37]

... a former State Department official and now an immigration expert at the Center for Immigration Studies, told Breitbart News the RFP document suggests a ...

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Matt Golding has four cartoons for us today.

Not A Hero

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Longmont Stats Flyer - September 2017 - Tab2

Hilton posted an excerpt from a Daily Mail report, suggesting that security services had been warned about at least one of the terrorists behind the attack ...

Keith Davidson

Din Torah Ruling on YHS Admissions Committee

A John Oliver spoof of the Pence family's new children's book is an instant Amazon bestseller

Vocabulary + usage = Word Power


The IRS yesterday released the 2012 IRS Data Book, which contains a wealth of statistical information for the IRS's Oct. 1, 2011 - Sept.

Mitchells Claim Ombudsman Bias Creates Concerns in Investigation of El Pueblo Abuse

The Trump Presidency [Archive] - Page 8 - Politics ~ Irish & International

But did you see this gem, near the bottom of the article? Click to enlarge and read the blue text:

Tint wins best internet comment of the day

Negative gearing 101

Roger Stone - Pretty reckless is going straight to hell

sorry ...

But since Lehman Brothers failed in 2008, such a swing in the relationship has been unusual and suggests prices are being driven by something other than the ...

Commission recommends pay raisesfor city officials (PolticoNY) In a report released Monday morning, the Quadrennial Advisory Commission suggested the mayor ...

You know who is who.

Absolute "Proof" That America Has Been Overrun By Psychotics [Archive] - Page 2 - AzBilliards.com

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