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IJN PB39 23 march and Battleship t

IJN PB39 23 march and Battleship t


Battleship HMS Royal Oak in line astern. Photo dates from period as indicated by the paired AA guns, installed in a refit. This image was scanned from a ...

“USS TEXAS” (BB-35) Is a (573') New York Class Battleship – Commissioned: 12 March 1914 (Honors, 5 Battle Stars) Crew: 1,810 Officers, Enlisted – Armament: ...

Italian 12.8 in Conte di Cavour class battleship Giulio Cesare, 1940: these ships were


USS Cobia (SS-245), launched in 1943 by the Electric Boat Company

23 March · IJN Heavy Cruiser...! 8.15

HMS Exeter after refit in 1941. This heavy cruiser, suffered major damage in the

USS Battleship New Jersey & aircraft carrier USS Hancock take a pounding in heavy seas on 8 Nov. Photographed from the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid

Battleship Washington in drydock at Pearl Harbor Navy Yard to repair collision damage sustained from battleship Indiana in the previous month US Territory ...

The battleship HMS DUKE OF YORK in heavy seas on a convoy escort operation to Russia, March

USS Alabama in the Atlantic Ocean, 4 Mar 1943


US Navy Pre-dreadnought Battleship USS New Hampshire (BB-25) fires

USS Enterprise the most decorated ship in WWII.

USS Washington the only American battleship to sink an enemy battleship (IJN Kirishima) during World War II in a "one on one" combat - at night.

Sub on Sub Action! Devilfish (SS-292), being sunk as a target by Wahoo (SS-565) at San Francisco, CA., 14 August 1968.

USS Seawolf - Patrol Boat # 39 (Japanese escort vessel, originally the destroyer Tade, sinking after being torpedoed by USS Seawolf on 23 April Photographed ...

USS Hoe (SS 258), stern view off Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California

USS Henry Clay - SSBN 625

A view of the bow section of the battleship USS New Jersey (BB including the Nos. 1 and 2 Mark 7 gun turrets, as seen from the bridge, Walter M.

The Tragedy of the Destroyer USS Leopold

USS Washington, My Grandfather's ship

"Nagato" Japanese battleship after the surrender.

HMS Cleopatra (33) at the Battle of Sirte, 23 March 1942.

Starboard view of some of the armament

WWII German battleship & in her final resting place.

Battleship USS Wisconsin passing through the Suez Canal.

Montana class battleship

German battleship Tirpitz in Altafjord, Norway, 1944.

480 best WW2 images on Pinterest | World war two, Wwii and Military history

German U-Boat Periscope Level - BFD

Migaloo: Luxury Submarine Yacht

USS Battleship Missouri

The Japanese battleship Hyuga lies in shallow water of the Kure naval base. She received 21 direct bomb hits and another 30 that damaged her.

Growler in post launch yard fit out at Electric Boat (EB) some time late or early What appears to be shore line in the background is the construction shed ...

Tirpitz anchored at Bogen near Narvik Norway in 1942

Incomplete German U-boats abandoned at the Blohm and Voss shipyard in Hamburg, 4

Battleships of the 3rd and 6th Battle Squadrons leaving Rosyth in line astern. Taken from

USS Seawolf Not much room topside on this boat

Lost under mysterious circumstances, believed rammed by US freighter in 1942. Guns are 8 inch.

Afternoon of the Rising Sun: The Battle of Leyte Gulf

Landing barges alongside Japanese ship in Gertrude Cove, Kiska, 1943. Close to shore, [abandoned] Japanese warship is boarded by men of U.S. Fleet Air Wing ...

Visby Class Corvette / looks weird / but the 'stealth' improving shape and materials used, make it MUCH harder to track , which is obviously a huge military ...

Aircraft carrier USS Franklin (CV-13) attacked during World War II, March

Hizen ex Retvizan, Retvizan 1900 (1/1250), Hizen ex Retvizan

San Diego (May 16, 2003) - Adm. Vern Clark, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), speaks to the crew of USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716).

[Photo] Enterprise and Northampton underway during Battle of Midway, 4 Jun 1942

Foredeck of Germany's first battlecruiser, 11 in SMS Von der Tann. She hit and sank opposing battlecruiser HMS Indefatigable within 10 minutes of opening ...

16 in Nagato in Tokyo Bay at the end of - badly damaged, but the only Japanese battleship still afloat. She was subsequently sacrificed in US nuclear tests.

HMS Adamant tending her flock

空母 赤城(改装前)

WWII Periscope View as U.S. Submarine Sinks Japanese Merchant Ship Press Photo

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Battleship New Jersey firing a nine-gun salvo during bombardment operations against communist targets in

3 août 1958 Le sous-marin Nautilus sous le Pôle Nord

Battleship Dunkerque, under fire - Photo Credit

U - 156

A sinking Japanese transport ship through the periscope of USS Tautog in January…

Today in History, October 23-25, 1944 - The Battle Of Leyte Gulf Began, The Largest Navel Battle in the Pacific

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Russian floating workshop/maintenance ship heading home after 6 month of deployment in Syria.

Pearl Harbor Tours is most popular tour in Hawaii. See USS Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine, USS Missouri Battleship, and the Pacific Aviation Museum

Standard Class Battleships as photographed from USS Pennsylvania BB-38 in 1936 From the LIFE

The Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Newport News arrives in Souda Bay, Greece Feb.

Comparacion Buques II GM Armada Argetina

223 best Submarine's images on Pinterest | Battleship, Submarines and Military men

The crew of Japanese submarine I-8 in Brest, France, 31 August,

The Portuguese navy submarine NRP Tridente (S 160) arrives at Naval Station Norfolk.

223 best Submarine's images on Pinterest | Battleship, Submarines and Military men

Aerial view of US battleship Massachusetts 1943.

09 Feb British submarine HMS VENTURER sinks U-boat west of Bergen, Norway. This is history's only known, publicly acknowledged battle where one submerged ...

USS Henry Clay - Decommissioned in

IJN Ayanami (綾波) was the eleventh of twenty-four Fubuki-class destroyers, built…

USS San Francisco in Apra Harbor, Guam, Jan. 12, 2005, after

In July 1942, the German U-boat U-166 was attacked and sunk by the U.S. Navy Patrol Craft 566. As the only U-boat lost in the Gulf of Mexico, ...

The Plot to Destroy Black Tom Island At the WWI Visit of the U-Boat "Deutschland"

U 48 in Kiel 1940.

Type 21 German submarine running on the surface in a storm with an extended snorkel light

German Submarine U-505 being captured by sailors from USS Guadalcanal - 4 June 1944

Crew member sweeping ashes off a B-25 of the 340th Bomb Group at Pompeii Field, Italy. Ash came from an eruption of Mt Vesuvius on 23 March 1944 th…

USS St. Lo (CV 63), explosion after being hit by a kamikaze. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.

A periscope photo of Japanese Patrol Boat No. 39 sinking after being torpedoed. | PATROL BOATS , AIRCRAFT & VEHICLES | Pinterest | Boats, Photos of and ...

Japanese ships sunk by USS Guardfish (SS Atago maru September Official U. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.

My best friend from boot was on the Rathburne. I was stationed in Pearl on the Badger, for about a year, when I was paged to the quarter deck on the to ...

A periscope photo of Japanese Patrol Boat No. 39 sinking after being torpedoed. | PATROL BOATS , AIRCRAFT & VEHICLES | Pinterest | Boats, Photos of and ...

The Borei are a class of submarines that carry nuclear-powered ballistic missiles. Holding