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In Defense of the Elevator Scene from Evangelion Marvelous

In Defense of the Elevator Scene from Evangelion Marvelous


In Defense of the Elevator Scene from Evangelion

An Analytical Interpretation of the Elevator Scene from Evangelion 2.22

Okay, so I've been watching evangelion and Im watching ep 22. All I can say is what's up with that elevator scene? A still image for about 50 straight ...

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

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This is one of the more sane scenes from this episode.

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... ♫ You groove you lose ♫ #1 (Music compilation from 4chan)

A-1 likes its elevator scenes and silent nods.

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monster hunter frontier g Evangelion


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The Paradox of Evangelion

Superwomen of Eva: Legacies Marvelous Future

Blind Reaction: Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 5

... the Eva does this move which is something often done in Gurenn Lagann also such as here (im sure there's better examples, i just didn't have the time to ...

Fanfic / Advice and Trust

We find in Evangelion a host of characters that have their own backstories, lives, attachments and insecurities explained in detail throughout the course of ...

"Hey guys, who brought doughnuts?"

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The Mistranslations of Evangelion

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Neon Genesis Evangelion - Rei fucking dies.

Fourth Angel シャムシェル【Shamusheru】Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji

Why ...

Long ago (as a young lad when Pokemon was first popular in America, during the era of Red/Blue), I caught notice of advertisements for the Evangelion manga ...

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Evangelion was truly a masterpiece.

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Find this Pin and more on Evangelion by Violet Pavlova.

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The end of Evangelion TV trailer

Image used for criticism within "Fair Use." Evangelion owned by Studio Khara. "


... often ...

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Why You Say Run Goes With Everything

What do you mean little Rei?

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Superwomen of Eva: Legacies Marvelous Future

My change of mind came at the time I was watching the rest of Anno's works, life action movies like Love and Pop and other anime like his wonderful romcom ...


end of evangelion | Artwork of Misato and the main characters of The End of Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion Posters by Nortiker on Etsy I like the "Shinji - Purple" one a lot.

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