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Leo and Calypso pursuing there dream together Ships t

Leo and Calypso pursuing there dream together Ships t


Leo and Calypso pursuing there dream together

wingsoffreedomunderwaterasked: OMG, I've been all sorts of Percy's fanart and your Percy's

Leo's room. <~*ahem* Don't you mean, Leo's Shop

Frank, son of Mars and Clarisse, daughter of Ares.

Will and Annabeth < <>>I love Will much more than words can describe, he didn' t even have a very big part and yet he was still awesome and funny too!

Leo Valdez From Percy Jackson | calypso, leo valdez, percy jackson

““I thought heaven can't help me now Nothing last forever, but this is gonna take me down.” Taylor Swift Art Challenge: 1989 - Track 09 Wildest Dreams”

Leo x Calypso part 2


Leo and Calypso reunite!!! click on the img-there are more Caleo reunite sketches!!! Ahhhh!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ love these so much i cant even ...

Leo and Calypso pursuing there dream together | Ships! | Pinterest | Percy jackson, Jackson and Rick riordan

Jason and Piper, Hazel and Frank, Percy and Anabeth, Leo and Calipso

Sketch I did for a request. Quite liked this one ^^

Leo Valdez

Leo and Calypso. My second favorite ship.

Read Leo Valdez X Reader Drabbles On Hold! - Guilt - Wattpad

Leo and Calypso

Calypso and Leo

Explore Team Leo, Leo Valdez, and more!

jiper awh

viria: All I want from the ending of the last book is Leo and Calypso together tbh

I don't ship Caleo but I REALLY love Leo in this drawing☀

bloodtrillium asked: Have you ever thought of Leo being shorter than Calypso because I find that really cute mormoc: Let me show you their secret…

[SPOILER ALERT-BOO] You Smell by TheGingerMenace123 on DeviantArt

art edit fan art Leo Valdez Viria ART* pjoedit graphic* calypso viria art hooedit hoh spoilers by duda leo valdez* caleo book: The House of Hades book: The ...

Leo & Calypso by Demoniica on deviantART

Leo meets Calypso .... sorta wish this is what happened but then I think about how awesome their actual meeting was

Calypso by Viria

leo and calypso

Leo & Calypso i love CALEO! I love how Leo puts his hands behind his back just like, "I will do this wrong if i try"

I don't ship Leyna, he kinda tried to blow up her camp, so no. CALEO ALL THE WAAAAAYYY

Who puts a dining table on the beach where innocent demigods can crash into it? Who does that? ~Leo

Heroes of Olympus - Leo Valdez x Calypso - Caleo

I'm coming back for you Calypso. I swear it on the River Styx.

Leo And Calypso by cinnamonskittles on deviantART

Art: Viria Leo and Calypso

Leo and Calypso sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G First comes ❤ , then comes

Leo and Calypso

Leo Valdez x Calypso

Leo Valdez calypso HoO house of hades hoh agents edits hoh spoilers caleo

Calypso and Leo flying on Festus!/Calypso e Leo voando em Festus!

leo x calypso

Leo's selfie is amazing! They are totally my OTP! Sorry Percabeth! Ok, I still ship Percabeth but how can anyone not love this?

LAZEL- Leo Valdez and Hazel Levesque. I do not ship them, but I do kinda ship Hazel and Sammy so this is close. although I also really ship Hazel and Frank ...

Leo and Calypso! viria.tumblr.com --- Didn't exactly go how we planned it, did it? XD I personally really like Rick's version anyway

leo valdez x reader - The shower situation

So, I drew Leo and Calypso. Leo asks Calypso to dance and despite the fact that she claims she doesn't like him, she accepts his offer to dance but comp.

leo and calypso heroes of olympus

I don't know but I don't really buy Calypso getting jealous over

There song is "I won't · Leo And CalypsoHalf ...


Calypso and Leo xD On Ogigia

I love Leo and Calypso. < <

Leo and Calypso

Calypso and Leo- FanArt by Sebleem

Caleo funny. They're just sooooooo cute!!! I can't

Leo and Calypso

Leo is going to meet Calypso in Ogigia!!

I'm really scared of Leo's promise. <------- I think it is very sweet, he actually loved her enough that he would try anything to get back to her, ...

Leo Valdez and Calypso

That is TOTALLY what leo would think if he had a hot girl looking concerned about him

I wanted to draw shirtless Leo beach AU for quite a while, so here, you can have They are totally riding on some island nearby. Viria < < < < < < < < < I love how ...

When Leo meets Calypso. Art by Viria. I like the actual way they met

Calypso, Queen of Ogygia. The fandom is like "Oh my gods! Leo and Calypso! Rick make them happen!" And I'm like "no."

10 best Caleo images on Pinterest | Heroes of olympus, Olympia and Leo valdez

Leo looks so cute!

I ship caleo

I got: Leo! Which Heroes Of Olympus Character Are You?

The Heroes of Olympus by drakonarinka | Annabeth and Piper (presumably post-Tartarus) and Leo and Calypso

Calypso: I am NOT cold ! Leo: with only that thin piece of cloth? It's sweater weather ya know~ Calypso: I don't even know what that is!

Calypso and Leo by -MirelleOrtega I think they're quickly becoming my favorite pjo couple… percabeth's still number one though.

She would then kiss him, any way and say she missed him; leo would bring her back to the world and they would live happily together until Aphrodite decides ...

HoO - Leo Valdez x Calypso - Caleo


Leo and Calypso

I'm team Leo !

Image result for what would have happened when percy jackson stayed with calypso forever

Caleo Calypso and Leo Valdez

Percy Jackson fan art

sharadaprincess: Leo managed to come back to Calypso :3

Caleo (Calypso/Leo) from The Heroes of Olympus

Leo and calypso... "If my brain were made of wires and gears, they would have short circuited"

Heroes of Olympus - Leo Valdez x Calypso - Caleo

caleo fan art - Yahoo Image Search Results

Hmm Leo and Calypso. i happen to be a blonde.


Leo and Calypso.

Eae pessoal que também ama Percy Jackson e os Olimpianos e/ou Heróis … #

Caleo at Ogygia the first time:)

Leo Valdez e Calypso by Burdge <3

lazy-perfs: Headcannon for Tyson and Ella: They love reading books together.

Leo Valdez and calypso

by rhayli: genderbent Leo and Calypso…

"Leo and Calypso´s Garage"

I just finished the book the house of Hades and I was like Leo is in love !!! And then I felt really bums / smart because the part where he meets ...

Caleo - Calypso and Leo - Heroes of Olympus

Leo Valdez From Percy Jackson

Leo is adorable <----- I WANT ONE PLEASE!

Leo and Calypso Caleo The House of Hades The Heroes of Olympus

When Leo photobombs