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Sun Burning through Fog in Conifer Forest near Mount St t

Sun Burning through Fog in Conifer Forest near Mount St t


Amazing places · Sun Burning through Fog in Conifer Forest near Mount St. Helens

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Woods | VSCO | brperry

Very few of the above images were planned -- in fact, only two of them were. The rest came from driving or walking around near the fog line when it was at ...

magical forest on the way up Doge Mountain.

I couldn't even remember the last time I'd had a moment to myself. This trip landed in the middle of a flurry of stress and chaos.

((Open rp)) Spike sat in the forest alone, when he heard a twig crack.

A mystical view into the wall of fog as the sun tried to squeeze through atop

Preventing deforestation might be expensive, but it will cost us more if we don't

We went to bed early and woke up early to see the sun rise and the fog dance over the tree tops.

#black forest #clouds #cloudy #cold #conifer #dawn #evergreen #

"Even the fog rolls on by at some point & the sun shines through"


The first tree in the forest

Ghostly Memories - Evolving mist through autumn forest , revealing the special thin trunk of these trees . Captured in switzerland around Grindelwald.

IMG_6358 IMG_6367

The trail climbed gradually for the most part, the surroundings typical of a western Oregon forest for the most part, until the path started winding around ...

Mt St Helens Spring 1970

The clear sky was encouraging, but it wasn't long before clouds began creeping into the basin from all sides.

As the Sun rose higher we could at least make out the mountains outline through the smoke.

I Snuck Away from my Job to Photograph Redwood National Park

Over Half Of All Amazonian Tree Species Are In Danger


Surprisingly, things have changed in the 30 years since I lived here. "They" got here. Now, there's four lane highways all the way down to Atlanta, ...

Nature. Sun burst through the forest ...

Spruce Tree Forest, Sunbeams through Fog illuminating Moss and Fern Covered Forest Floor, Creating

misty forest | My Journey Through Miðgarðr

There was a sea of trees, but one was not like the others.

Back in the forest after the burn zone. Enjoying the quite trails.

Forests have a wonderfully mysterious, spooky quality when the sun begins to break through the fog.

a rushing river flowing through a lush forest

Dead trees are fueling California wildfires, but what's killing the trees?

Friday promises to be a spectacular day, and I am off for Mt. Rainier. I leave later than planned because of dense fog. Then, heading downtown to wait it ...

Mt St Helens, Washington State - The mountain peeking through the clouds as seen from

I wasn't drinking much water but stopped anyway to fill a liter and chug it down. It's always harder to keep drinking when it's raining.

Mt. Adams emerges from the burn zone

Condition of the forest in the rain forest on Mount Mokoju,Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand

I decided to make a loop of the trip and drove up to St. Mary's and back down the Going to the sun road. I pulled off down the Packer's Roost Road, ...

The rolling high country above Mosier and The Dalles has intrigued us for some time now. Its deep valleys, stark looming mountainsides, intense seasonality ...

Eerie fog in the North Sandia Crest Fire burn scar

Surely this was just a morning fog that would burn off. Or not. No matter; I would hike regardless, since I'd driven over an hour.

The week before, it was Mt. St. Helen that slipped from our sight (although, we did see it from a distance one day in Oregon).

We pushed hard through the wind and the cold, as we were now on the windward side of the mountain. As the morning wore on, the temps rose slightly and the ...

Pearl Lake State Park near Steamboat Springs

... and clarity to being here now that is counter-intuitive to the character of something that typically obscures vision. Now firmly held in the embrace of ...

Footpath through Natural Forest of Beech Trees illuminated by Sunbeams through Fog

Trees and sunshine.JPG. Sunlight shining through ...

Fog off mountain

Fog in the jungle panorama - Stock Image

And now, a brief respite at the largest campground in Yellowstone, Grants Village. Last night, beans in a can and hot dogs for dinner over a roaring fire, ...

Mexico's cloud forest: Searching for elusive wild cat species with the locals - treesource

This fog rolled in while we were hiking around what's called the Congress Trail, and while it made things chillier, it was like hiking through a cloud.


Almost breaking through

The gloomy atmosphere of the evening in the dark forest. High firs and pines in

The aggressive fog of Big Huckleberry Mountain

... illuminates the "lesser" Mt. St. Helens. The week has illuminated my vision of the future. There may be fog now, but the clearing will come.

... fog, upland prairies, and of course the magnificent redwood forests that give the park its name. During this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to ...

We visited the ancient stone row of Shantemon on the 2nd October 2015, the land was shrouded in thick mist and countless spiders had woven a tapestry of ...

By the time we were on our way we were hiking through fog.

Patchy Fog clears from our view, the promise of another good day. Photo by Laura

“Poopout Hill” in the San Bernardino National Forest near Jenks Lake, a popular hiking area, was ravaged by the Lake Fire.

Sequoia National Park - 046.jpg

looking back to town from Blue Mountain

Mount St. Helens

Continuing ...


Mt Adams just over the lava flow.


A foggy day above Cumberland Valley

Around Central Oregon, poor air quality continues

The next day brought us up and over Gunsight Pass, a 2,500 foot climb through a recent burn near a mountain that literally had a notch in a cliff wall.

The atmospheric conditions were so specific at that time that one of our friends saw a phenomenon called The Brocken Spectre. It's actually your own shadow, ...

It's the sound of huge amorphous clouds rushing and slamming against Cradle Mountain before dissolving into mist.

Photographically, it has been hard to find a view thay isn't blocked, but the sun filtering through the trees is still nice to watch.

Sun Burned Fog Mount Tamalpais, Marin County, San Francisco by Vincent James

Foggy trees in Sequoia National Park


... the understory. ferns and blackberry and poison oak

Steep hill covered with beargrass

GeoLog | Geosciences Column: Fire in ice – the history of boreal forest fires told by Greenland ice cores.

Fog touches the tops of the coastal redwoods. (Photo: Michael Short)

view after our mini mountain trek in Ooty

... branch to branch in a tree beside me, a pair of yatagarasu perhaps, harbingers of birth and rejuvenation come to welcome me to this mythical landscape?

A Javanese version of a Chinese brush painting... I just couldn't stop drinking in the view (and taking pictures).

See Canada Through Fresh Eyes on a First Nations Tour

From the next viewpoint, we can finally see the snowy base of Mount St. Helens, with Spirit Lake visible at her foot. But those clouds are hiding the ...

Misty foggy forest. Fog in pine forest on mountain slopes

Mount Fuji has profound importance and a mystical quality to the Japanese. They refer to it as “Fuji-san,” which is a name of respect.

Waterfall at June Lake at Mount St. Helens

Very few of the above images were planned -- in fact, only two of them were. The rest came from driving or walking around near the fog line when it was at ...

Down we went back into even thicker fog. The trail crossed a couple of nice streams with marsh marigolds as it wound around the lake.