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Viola Labs Cresendo Preamplifier Audio Obsession t

Viola Labs Cresendo Preamplifier Audio Obsession t


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Crescendo Stereo Preamplifier Rear

JPG, Crescendo_Rear.JPG. About Viola Audio Laboratories


As ...

Alma Music & Audio were showing Dan D'Dagostino Progression monoblock amplifiers, Audio Research REF 10 preamplifier, Linn Klimax DSM music server, ...

Audionet EPX inside

Behind the Accuphase A200's front panel are controls governing meter operation.

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I hadn't even reached the listening area when five-time Grammy Award-winning engineer Allen Sides declared, "I have something symphonic-like that I think ...

The connection is clear - wide-dispersion high frequencies of superior speed are a WLM obsession.]

High End Audio For The Passionates

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier

YG Acoustics


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Yana Imaginative Audio Video Open House with Artnovion and Burmester

I regularly check the set-up for its IQ — its “Invisibility Quotient”. And as I said: objectively, it's rarely been less “visible” — even sitting off axis, ...

Also in the system: ZenSati Seraphim Mini cables, Viola Crescendo preamplifier ($22,500), two bridged Viola Concerto power amplifiers ($22,500 each), ...

Bakoon 7511(below) + Aprilmusic DA100mk2

Ayre Acoustics Codex USB DAC + Headphone Amp + Digital Preamp | AudioStream

6moons audio reviews: darTZeel NHB-108 Model One

“The Ivy Signature by with amps.

Boulder's 3060, 900 Class A watt amp. Orange is shown for scale.

"Patrick and I carried out various A-B comparisons between the ARC3 and the 05X at first. Patrick's conclusions were more or less the same as those of all ...

Robert Lighton Audio displayed their RL10 speaker ($20,000), along with Audio Note UK electronics. The RL10 uses a 10” alnico magnet, hand-made paper cone ...

Wes Bender Studio NYC assembled a fine-sounding system around Viola Audio Laboratories' Crescendo line stage complete with integral DAC ($19,000 including ...

Up and Running

Though ...

NuForce Dia + NuForce HDP | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Constellation's as yet unnamed 100 wpc integrated amp will sell for under $20k.

Wadax Pre 1 Mk 2 Digital Preamplifier - The Audio Beat - www.TheAudioBeat.com

Audionet DNP(Digital Network Preamplifier)

He's renowned for his polish and nuance, as in his work with The Crusaders, Steely Dan's best selling album, Aja, and a slew of smooth jazz CDs.

Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Move over, Beats: Master & Dynamic's MH40 headphones win on design, sound, and build quality

Triode Lab EL84TT x Finale Vivace Mini - Visit link more more reviews!

As a reference, the last two preamps in my system were respectively the second version of a balanced hybrid from the American school - that was rightly ...

The Linear Tube Audio MZ2-S (originally released as the MicroZOTL2.0) and Teresonic Magus Speakers, What a Combo! | The Audio Beatnik

CAS presented me with my first chance to experience a pair of new items—Pass Labs new INT-60 (a $9000, Class A, 30Wpc integrated), and YG's revised Carmel 2 ...

WJAAS - Matt Mullenweg visiting Shindo Labs

PA 3100 HV Integrated Amplifier

Combining the amplifier and preamplifier sections in a properly isolated design makes economic sense—just sit back and enjoy the music without ...

Final Tally

The Interface

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The ...

DAC1 HDR stereo preamplifier with remote control, digital-to-analog converter, headphone amplifier, and computer audio interface, $1895.00.


... more expensive DACs than the Benchmark give you absolutely nothing more in performance—you can't outperform perfection. Benchmark audio equipment is ...

... about the Orchid for paragraphs. Is it my favorite DAC from MHDT? It may very well be. Previously, my favorite of the bunch was definitely a heavily ...

Pathos Digit

Exp D is a surprisingly large and varied set of woodwind articulations, ranging from “less common” to “very unusual” and gives yet another example of what I ...

High end audio audiophile Hi Fi Stereo

Stereophile 2012-02 | Sound Recording And Reproduction | Audio Electronics

CES 2017 Awards

47 Lab 4737. These are also called the Lens Alnico or Lens II. All else being the same, it differs from Lens (also called Lens I or Lens MkII) (4722) in ...

Individual articulations can be purged by selecting the articulation name next to its keyswitch in the GUI and choosing “****” instead.

RoomAnalyzerII Pro

I regularly check the set-up for its IQ — its “Invisibility Quotient”. And as I said: objectively, it's rarely been less “visible” — even sitting off axis, ...

Master & Dynamic MH40

Wadia Dac CES 2014 Prototype

LC-1 Preamp

... V2 preamplifier ($6,200) powered the Diapason loudspeakers from Italy beautifully with a sound that was natural, warm and more importantly, musical.

The Decca ffss III is not a mono cartridge, but its mono origin shows, and I don't think I have yet heard it bettered by any mono cartridge.

Pris 6300000 Yen.

Venture Audio Ultimate Reference loudspeakers


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To learn more about any audio component, download the owner's manual before you buy. (Click on picture.)

VPI's Harry and Mat Weisfeld brought an impressive three-channel system fired up from the analog get-go by the VPI Classic 4 with two tone arms ($10,000).

LittleLabs ...

Sonus Faber Extrema speakers driven by Audio Note electronics and a SME 30 turntable


Grandioso DAC Monaural

I sure wish I understood what I was seeing, why this design provides excellent sound. Best of intentions–I would love to spend the time learning, ...


Musical Fidelity | M3si Integrated Amplifier

A lovely package

Home Audio Video

From EMT to Garrard and Thorens tables, from Saba and Studer to Sony open-reel decks, casa Frick is analog haven.

Ahuja SSA-350 Sound Amplifier on January 10 2017. Check details and Buy Online, through PaisaOne.

Tape Recorder, Classic, Vintage, Recording Studio, Audiophile, Gadget, Mid Century, Techno, Music

Denver takes high-end audio to new heights (pictures)

The viola comes with two patches: the basic patch and one that uses the newer Kontakt 5 filters. This review was conducted with the Kontakt 5 filters ...



I have always been a fan of Nagra and have owned its tubed full-function preamp, the wonderful Nagra PL-P (my reviews here and here) for a ...


IT was circa 1983 when souped-up Volkswagen Beetles were eluding California Highway Patrol cars by simply out-speeding them in police chases.

Innsiden av Krell Evolution 202 preamp.

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