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Wonder Girls39 YeEun says Hello through her pretty selfie t

Wonder Girls39 YeEun says Hello through her pretty selfie t


More of YeEun's updates here. Credits: Yeeun's Instagram. Wonder Girls' YeEun says hello with with beautiful selfie ...

"Hello?" ♥ More of YeEun's updates here. Credits: Yeeun's Instagram. Wonder Girls' YeEun says hello with her pretty selfies ...

See her lovely photo below where she added, "Hello~~ It's Seohyun~^^ Today we are shooting ads for #MIXXO, hehe. Spend a good day today~ Everyone ^^♡"~

Here's Jessica Jung greeting fans with adorable selfie~

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Wonder Girls' Yenny's newest selca with her puppy

[160706] Wonder Girls on Power Time Radio❤ #yubin#kimyubin#yoobin

Credits:redsunset SMEntertainment Japan. SNSD YoonA says hi with her beautiful photo SNSD YoonA says hi with her beautiful photo


SNSD's Tiffany snap a cute selfie for MV Bank Stardust

Kpop Snaps! | Miryo (miryoakajohoney) on instagram - What a day! Nice to be with good old friends #miryo #미료

Jessica Jung says hi through her lovely SelCa picture

WONDER GIRLS - Woo HyeLim #우혜림 #혜림 #원더걸스

Right now is Wonder Generation with SNSD's Tiffany and Wonder Girls' YeEun and SunMi

Park hye su, Ryu Hwayoung ( Ex t-ara) y Han seungyeon (

SNSD TaeYeon delights fans with her beautiful selfie

Hello my twenties


SNSD YoonA says hi through her cute selfie

Ji-won wonders if she's gone mad, but Eun-jae says that he wasn't there. In a flashback, we see that Jong-yeol wasn't one of the guys on the date.

I love this girls makeup

Seolhyun (sh_9513) on instagram - Thanks to @biotherm I had a memorable time with @hoskelsa

PONY (@ponysmakeup) • Ảnh và video trên Instagram

loving u

Wonder Girls' Yenny looks stunning in pictorial for “International BNT”

Drama "Youth Generation" / Park ...

She sincerely thanks him (which only confuses him) and shuffles back down to her room. As she stares at herself in the mirror, Jang-hoon's words sink in and ...

Wonder Girls' YeEun snap a group picture with Cheetah and Younha

Wonder Girls SunMi

Remembering Female K-Pop Groups That Disbanded In 2017

K-pop singer Han Seung-yeon, from girl group KARA, took part in a fashion shoot with online fashion and entertainment newspaper bnt international.

Ji-won jokingly wonders if Ye-eun could have been kidnapped, and Yi-na says that anything's possible with Doo-young.


Happy belated birthday to Yeeun! She turned 25 years old and she's a member of Wonder Girls!

CLC Sorn

CLC Updates

Ulzzang short hair - I wonder what I'd look like with a haircut like this.


When you're friend are dead, but you have the urge to take a selfie

Wonder Girls' Ye Eun To Make Her Debut as a Musical Actress



Hip Hop Artist Cheetah is Featured in CeCi Magazine | Koogle TV

Meanwhile, Luna and Amber will be releasing their song titled 'Wave' on May 6.


WONDERGIRLS is a blog dedicated to everything Yeeun, Yubin, Sunmi, Hyelim


See the latest selfies from Wonder Girls' SunMi

When someone says that BTS are Chinese.

HA:TFELT chooses J.Y. Park and Younha as the celebrities she's close to during her interview with 'International bnt'

Discover and share the most beautiful images from around the world

Shi-joon reads over Kae-hwa's proposal to Min-woo, and wonders at Min-woo's change of heart. He knows him well enough to know that casting him was a long ...

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Girl's Day's Hyeri highlights her luscious lips with 'Giorgio Armani' makeup for…

Wonder Girls and Baek A Yeon

let me take my selfie let me take my selfie

Madison via snapchat

Though is dozing off sometimes you still can't deny the beauty that Mimi poses. She's not beautiful outside but also inside. Wonder Girls are pretty much ...

And at that, Ye-eun finally says, “Ajumma.”

LABOUM, the newest group from NH Media and Nega Network, have revealed their six members and included a teaser image for each of them as well as a video ...

The Best Liner Looks For Your Eye Shape

Age of Youth: Seungyeon plays Jung Ye Eun

I didn't really watch the whole show.. But whenever i tune in, i will only gush over how cute the little kid is.

Wonder Girls back stage - Sunye is the cutest in this video!!! Sunye

Take this test to find out what position you would have if you where in a k-pop group.

Hello Bora

Her eyes and hair are so pretty! I want grey contacts so bad!

Kenalan sama Dancer Kembar Favorit Kpopers dari YG Entertainment, HI-Tech!

Lol Kendall had more surgery then Kylie tbh Kendall's was just more natural most people don't even notice. She had an #eyebrowlift and eye surgery to make ...

Wonder Girls Yeeun and Sunye with Miss A's Min Suzy Fei and Jia

They take a couple of cute selfies on his phone, and when he faces her, he notices the very close proximity of their faces. Eun turns to him and doesn' t ...

CLC Updates

EXID - Hani (Ahn HeeYeon turns into beautiful angels in bts cuts from fan club inauguration poster

Girl's Day Hyeri Reveals Selfie On Underground Subway Choo Choo! http://www

when i say ily i mean i love yeeun, don't be fooled.

Park Bom 2NE1

how to cope when your wife cheating on you

(Attention for group Fiestar,some site said the visual is Jei,some site said its Linzy,but LOEN release the official visual for Fiestar is Linzy,i'm still ...

7 wonder in the past 7 years.

The couple first met in Haiti while doing volunteer work. Sunye said, “At a time when I was wondering what my life's goal was, I met an older friend who had ...


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kpophqpictures: [HQ] Wonder Girls Yubin for Marie Claire Korea (1580x2000)Bigger

In the interview, Eun-jae wonders how Yi-na got her license, Ye-eun complains that Yi-na should be cautious as a beginner driver, and Ji-won regrets that ...

Ye-eun guesses that Eun-jae thinks he didn't go on the date because he still has feelings for her. Ji-won rattles off a list of reasons why he might not ...

12 K-Pop Idols Famous for Using Their Beautiful Faces Recklessly

The Wonder Girls are back with 'Why So Lonely' on M Countdown ~ Wonderful Generation

The list is in reverse chronological order, so new entries will get added to the top of the list. All these weekly entries were originally hastily typed up ...

Yi Na is the beauty of the 5 she is very popular due to her beauty.



Block B Jaehyo

Alena Shishkova Before & After Plastic Surgery | JetsetBabe