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Extreme angles of view simple clean lines Good use of the rule of

Extreme angles of view simple clean lines Good use of the rule of


extreme angles of view, simple clean lines. Good use of the rule of thirds and shadows, using the darkness to accentuate the curves and lines of the ...

The light is reflecting off of the mirrored windows showing different angles of the buildings. By shooting upwards with the camera the photographer ...

At such an extreme shot, fog overwhelms the buildings creating darkness and heling the bright lights of the buildings to stand out.

The smaller the aperture, the larger area will produce blur spots smaller than the CoC and, thus, the deeper the depth of field.

One Point Perspective Street Drawing: step 11

The green circle represents the circle of confusion (CoC). This is the maximum size of a blur spot that will appear to be acceptably sharp in the final ...

Depth of field definition

Hyperfocal distance definition

Image titled Draw Perspective Step 20

Subject distance, the distance at which you're focusing the lens, has a great impact on depth to field. The further you are from your subject the deeper the ...

The Ultimate Guide To Long Exposure Photography – 2014 Edition

DIY Baseboard Tutorial

Image titled Draw Perspective Step 19

Many photographers use the aperture to get the desired depth of field because it can be easily controlled by simply changing the aperture.


Great tip! A really easy way to figure out tricky angles when you're installing moldings, trim, and baseboards.

If the image is 5 times the real size of the subject, then magnification is 5:1.

Image titled Write a Good Story Step 13

How to focus at the hyperfocal distance, just make sure you're not falling short. Focus at a slightly larger distance!

Now the angles might be all different from each other; the situation is much more complicated. Can you prove that the angles in all five points still sum to ...

10 Safety Tips for Working at Heights

one point perspective box: step 4 - connect corners to vanishing point

one point perspective box: step 1 - draw horizon line

Drawing 1pt. Perspective Building: Step 4

Image titled Ink a Drawing Step 1

Image titled Write a Good Story Step 16

This occurs when different elements of the body are at the same angles - See figure A. To remedy this, try to place variety in these angles - figure B. ...

The Ultimate Photography Guide to Depth of Field (DoF)

One of the most extreme diagonal designs I've ever seen is Vertigo. This portfolio/agency theme relies on diagonals for shapes, icons, and page sections.

The best news of all?

Rather than thinking how to add support for 3D printing, let us open your mind to the possibility of extreme overhangs.

iPhone Photo Composition 22

A chamfer is one of those 'cheat' 3D printing techniques - a symmetrical, sloping surface at an edge or corner that is used to avoid violating the 45° rule.

Developers continuously integrate database changes

minimalist design

Bridges present much of the same printing problems as overhang 3D printing. The difference is that bridges, by definition, are 90° surfaces supported by ...


... Livelihood Education; 36.

The Line of Action

Ok, Ok… I know, this seems obvious, but you can take advantage of it in a creative way.

... that a good approximation to this boundary requires both a large number of cases (quantity) and correct placement and labeling of those cases (quality).

Storyboard Essentials

2Inspiring depth of field examples

living room

These two lenses do not perform equivalently in terms of DoF


... Livelihood Education; 9.

... Livelihood Education; 44.

This is a frame size many shooters coming from other cameras are familiar with. This familiarity is a big reason for the Speed Booster's popularity.

For a given camera sensor and viewing conditions (print size, viewing distance, viewer's visual acuity), when this blur spot is small enough, we see it as a ...

If you get one thing out of this blog post, get that manifesting abundance does not have to be hard. In fact, it's quite the opposite as you'll soon ...

Illustrations of various optical instruments from the 1728 Cyclopaedia

Enjoying the sun's warmth. by Flickr user kaybee07

Infiltrator Quick4 septic chamber cut sheets and installation tips and tricks

S. V. DOSHI 21; 22.

How to Be Mindful While Cleaning the Bathroom

This quick guide to using camera angles more effectively will help you take pictures you can be proud of.

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Table of Contents


simple, beautiful type specimen poster futura. really shows the sharp edges and angles of

As always, we need to create replicable guide lines that point to our desired result.

The Rules of Rugby

Each page section has its own background color with alternating angles on the ends. As you browse through nav links these sections rotate in & out of view.

Removing Support

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This is good because it shows the industry of our clients (construction, engineering, cleaning), and also suggests closing the circle, or Bright Circle ...

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... Livelihood Education; 72. 7. Standard of projection used ...

Lab safety signs collage

This is what physically happens when you equip two cameras that have different size sensors with physically identical lenses (in this case FX and micro 4/3) ...

amazing architectural photopraphy

Cross ditches or water bars, are typically used on temporary roads. They are the easiest and most inexpensive method for cross drain installation (Figure ...

Image of Field of Vision using a Convex Mirror.

Geotextile filter fabric used for wrapping French drain perforated pipe


I used a three-point perspective for this angle. Using a two-point perspective for this angle will result in a distorted sketch.

But behavioural insights suggest harnessing social norms, for example by publicly celebrating those who stay clean.

Solar Array Tilt Angle and Energy Output

Hiring Your Customer Service Dream Team

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I chose blue ink so I could easily see the line difference while tracing, but you can use black or any color you like.

Keep it realistic!

A German Colossus in America


Drywells are often used for smaller footprint leaching pits.

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Machine Learning Still Getting Sea Legs in World of Midsize Business - A Conversation with Charles

Diagram of typical variable speed milling machine head

Avoidance, or the 45° Rule


Panorama: A horizontal, wide shot of a large area. Often, stitching of two of more carefully taken images of adjacent areas is done to produce the effect.

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