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Optical BT Phonecard produced by Landis and Gyr in t

Optical BT Phonecard produced by Landis and Gyr in t


Landis & Gyr optical telephone cards which were utlised by British Telecom ( BT) in the United Kingdom between 1981 and 1996 featured control numbers on the ...

Pictured above - BT Phonecard (BTP001) celebrating Landis and Gyr's 75 years in the United Kingdom - 1912 to 1987

BTP004 - Landis and Gyr DFS Technology - 10 unit - BT Phonecard - Control number

Hand Stamped Prison BT Phonecards from the 1980s.

BTI001A - Company Message (Unofficial Reverse Print) - Front: Red font, Reverse

Pictured above - 100unit Muirfield Golf BT Phonecard issued in1987.

1984 Landis & Gyr - Sodeco - Optical Cardphone Diagnostics

The main contributing factor was BT's decision to stop issuing telephone cards all together in 2002. This was a commercial decision by British Telecom, ...

Pictured above - The reverse of two optical BT Phonecards - the cards individual or unique control number can be found within the red circle.


Selection of British Telecom Test Cards

Pictured above - Landis and Gyr / Sodeco test card for the Netherlands. Did you know? Early BT Phonecards that were produced ...

BT HM Prison Phonecard issued in 2000 - Control number: 012A38504 (does not appear

British Telecom (BT) Optical Cardphone Test Cards and

Pictured above - Trebor BT Phonecard card complete with Phonecard leaflet.

British Telecom (BT) Test Cards

Card Service 1A - last ever optical BT Phonecard produced by Landis and Gyr in Switzerland

Along with discovering no control number on the reverse of a Landis and Gyr optical BT Phonecard, another rarity is the 999 control number.

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Phonecard - Buy yours here. Two posters that were used in shops to promote the

Circled below in red, a seriously shifted control number. The control number has been imprinted onto the reverse side of the card a long way to the left.

BT Payphone 2000 on the platform of London Bridge train station, London, England -

Artwork error: The green circled '40' on the top Prison Phonecard is correct

British Telecom (BT) telephone cards produced by Landis & Gyr between 1981 and 1996 all feature a control number on the reverse. What is a control number?

Last ever (normal/thicker plastic) optical BT Phonecard produced by Landis and Gyr in Switzerland in June A Service Card, featuring the control number

Shop window sticker for BT Phonecards, featuring the Kellogg's

Cardphone payphone for optical BT Phonecards. 1984 Landis & Gyr - Sodeco - Cardphone's Cardreader - this is why the payphone wasn't slim!!

The optical BT Phonecards showcased below are all taken from the medical card category (BTM) within the UK 1 telephone card catalogue.

Inside a Landis and Gyr cardphone payphone with removed card reader.

BT Payphone 2000 - the public phone took 1. New BT Phonecard (cards with

Brand new Landis & Gyr Cardphone Phonecard/Phonocard payphone.

Pictured below - Selection of tourism cards that were produced in the tender to supply The New BT Phonecard.

British Telecom (BT) Optical Cardphone Test Cards and

Alfred T. Mockett

BT Phonecard Collectors' Club November 1993.

Landis & Gyr optical cardphone from

Pictured above - the first public issued BT Phonecard (BTC004) to feature a colour photo. The card depicts a photo of Regents Street in London at Christmas.

Inside a 1990's BT cardphone/Phonecard payphone.

BT Phonecard Production Process

BT Phonecard Collectors' Club Newsletter July 1994.

Record Pasta 10unit BT Phonecard from 1991, the reverse of the card is printed with

BT Engineering Trial Card - BTE003 Thermographic Trial (White Base) 100 Issued | Rare BT Phonecards | Pinterest | Trials

Pictured above - Landis and Gyr centenary since 1896 - the words "Celebrating 100 years" can be found on the reverse of the 10unit BT Phonecard issued in ...

Landis & Gyr optical cardphone from 1992.

Two optical telephone card readers complete with counters. The first is on 02587, while

3 x Old BT Phonecards for collectors

Cardphone payphone for optical BT Phonecards

New BT Phonecard Launch telephone card from May 1996.

BTG619 - BT Phonecard - Asterix (3) - The Statue of Liberty

Pictured above - Face of English Heritage BT Phonecard (left) and cards control number on the reverse (right).

BTG620 - BT Phonecard - Asterix (4) - Pirate's Shipwreck

Landis and Gyr Software Testkarte for STU 07 (Structure 7) Great Britain - Control

British Telecom (BT) Phonecards were once the 'in thing' to collect and 'telephone card collecting' or 'fusilately' as it was known, was one of the fastest ...

British Telecom (BT) Optical Cardphone Test Cards and

I started collecting optical BT Phonecards some 20 years ago, aged 13 or 14, I stopped collecting in 1997 and then after joining eBay in the summer of 2012 ...

Landis & Gyr 1984 optical telephone card reader with counter.

Another example of highly sought and once highly paid for card is the landmark Landis & Gyr 50 Millionth Card - BTP003 (pictured right).

British Telecom (now BT) introduced its first cashless, card-operated payphone -

A Winning Matters card which is also a FREE five unit BT Phonecard.

Cherished and rare BT Phonecard - only 500 of these cards were produced.

How to tell if a Phonecard is mint or used?

Pictured above - Winning Matters 5unit internal BT Phonecard (BTI051) issued to staff, 170,000 cards were produced.

BT phonecards

British Telecom Phonecard News Christmas 1998

Image is loading Bt-Phonecards-Landis-amp-Gyr

British Telecom (BT) Optical Cardphone Test Cards and

The new smart BT Phonecard

I'm keen to hear from collectors, former or current telecom employees, especially British Telcom (BT), Landis & Gyr and Sodeco and anyone with telephone ...

Collecting tokens on Kellogg's Corn Flakes packets entitled you to claim a FREE £2 Corn Flakes BT Phonecard.

Shifted design: Some 2 million of these cards were produced. I wonder how many

British Telecom (BT) Optical Cardphone Test Cards and


Is this what your Mobile Workforce start each day with? Give them the alternative.

BT Engineering Trial Card - BTE003 Thermographic Trial (White Base) 100 Issued

BTE018 - LGC / BT Trial Card : White Track BSK50 - Control number: 801M01004

Switzerland made Landis & Gyr SODECO-SAIA optical telephone card readers.

Dandy and Beano BT Phonecards

Find this Pin and more on BT Phonecards by TelephoneCardCollector.

Two card collectors' pack celebrates BT's much loved traditional kiosk the K6. Inside the

Landis & Gyr - Cardphone's Cardreader (Type - BSK cards were used to adjust the optical reader.

Back to the future - Christmas 1987 and Valentine Day 1988 sealed shrink-wrapped Phonecard value packs. Christmas 1987 pack and Valentine Day 1988 pack.

Two boxes of sealed/unused Gemplus £2 chip BT Phonecards (from France)

PRINT ERROR: BTP078 - Chesterman - Control number: 243C. The top copy is

Kaizen set of BT Phonecards the last ever BT optical Phonecards

BT Christmas Phonecards: A greeting card within a greetings card Make sure you're remembered at Christmas with BT's special Christmas Phonecard of…

Optical Phonecard Control Numbers

20 best BT Phonecard: Printing Errors and Misprints images on Pinterest | Printing, Typography and Cards

Collecting used BT Phonecards the past and present way

Find this Pin and more on BT Phonecards by telephonecards.

Pictured above - Mint sealed 200unit London Regional Transport BT Phonecard

BT Global Banking BT Phonecard - set of four telephone cards were released in 1995 in this special folder. The front, inside (containing BT Phonecard) and ...

First BT Phonecard (1987) featuring a colour photograph - pictured Christmas lights on Regents

BT Phonecard Collectors' Club Newsletter August 1993.

Stage 3 - only 3 colours have been added to the Radio Times set of BT

... eBay for sometime now, please see my testimonials for their feedback.

Used green BT Phonecard bin in telephone kiosk - Peterborough train station - July 2013.

BT Prison Phonecards issued between 1987 and 2004

Dorking November 5th Phonecard Fair 1992 - Catalogue number: BTG412 and BTG412 with ERROR stars